Upgrading to the Cloud is a fast and secure way to enhance your businesses efficiencies, allowing your team to access everything from one place and significantly reducing hardware costs. 

We have a range of cloud packages, from our basic offering all the way to full services, which allows you to manage almost every aspect of your business, from invoices to customer services to project management, wherever you are. 

Product Features Free CRM+ Standard Professional
Price £0
/ Year
/ Year
/ Year
/ Year
Communication users (chat and Activity Stream) unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Business tool users 12 6 50 unlimited
Storage 5Gb 50Gb 100Gb unlimited
Onboarding assistance 16 days
Apps (Desktop, Mobile, Marketplace)
Unified Communications
Users unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Admins 1 2 5 unlimited
Shared menu
Activity Stream
Collaborate by email
Chat, audio and video calls
Group chats (public and private)
Online storage 5GB 50GB 100GB unlimited
Personal/Group/Company drives
Cross device synchronization
One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box integrations
Online editing in GoogleDocs, MS Office Online
Local editing (MS Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice)
Access rights
Public file/folder sharing
Restrict public sharing
Document lock
Version history 3 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Personal/Group/Shared calendars
Event planner
Sync with external calendars
Public and private groups
Groups with external users unlimited unlimited
Time and Reports
Absense chart
Worktime and reports
Worktime tracking
Work reports
Meetings and briefings
Company portal
Company Structure
Employee directory
Employee directory export in Excel
Sync with Outlook, CardDAV
Leads, Contacts, Companies, Deals unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Data Import/Export (CSV)
Migration from other CRM
Kanban in CRM
Sales target
Mobile CRM
CRM slider panel
CRM timeline
Custom fields in CRM
Custom sections in CRM
Stage dependent fields
Google Maps
Chat inside CRM
Multichannel CRM
Social networks and messengers
Sites and landing pages
Website live chat
Website forms
Callback form
Card scanner 12 100/month 50/month unlimited
Chat to CRM 100/month unlimited unlimited unlimited
Import emails to CRM 3 days unlimited 3 days unlimited
Other channesl via RestAPI
Convert leads to contacts, deals, companies
Custom lead stages
Custom lead sources
Client management
Contact import/export
Duplicate control
Pipelines 1 unlimited 10 unlimited
Change pipeline
Recurring deals
Custom pipleline stages
Custom deal types
Convert deal to quote or invoice
Resource booking 6 unlimited 24 unlimited
Repeat deals and leads
Document builder
Invoices and online payments
Custom invoice statuses
Recurring invoices
Online invoices
PDF invoices
Email invoices
Invoice templates
Custom quote statuses
Convert quote to invoice or deal
Quote template
CRM activities
Call lists
Conversation recording
CRM communications
Inbound/outbound emails from CRM
inbound/outbound calls from CRM
Inbound/outbound messaging from CRM
Inbound/outbound SMS texting from CRM
Product catalog
Product properties
Measurement units
CRM website forms and chat widget
Active website forms unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Public form/chat page
Website widget
Remove "Powered by Bitrix24" branding
Preconfigured reports
Custom report builder
CRM access log
Integrated telephony
Phone number rental limit 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Display own number in caller ID
Connect PBX via Rest API
Open channels
Bulk emails 35000/month 50000/month 1000000/month
Channels 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Social networks and mobile messengers
Save to CRM 100/month unlimited unlimited unlimited
Workhour settings
Conversation transfer between employees
Conversation transfer between channels
Greetings and automatic replies
Contact information capture
Canned replies
Website chat 1 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Route chat to all distribution mode
Client convesation rating
Supervisor conversation rating
Open channel access rights
Analytics report
Export to Excel
2 way email sync
Inboxes per user 1 10 5 unlimited
Shared inboxes unlimited unlimited unlimited
Email import limit 3 days 30 days 30 days unlimited
Email to task
Email to CRM
Sites and landing pages
Online storage 5Gb 50Gb 100Gb unlimited
Sites 1 10 10 unlimited
Web pages unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Use own domain name
Site templates
Copy web pages
Google Analytics
Google Maps
CRM website forms
Live chat widget
Callback request form
Remove "Powered by Bitrix24" branding
Account settings
Two factor authorization (OTP)
Restrict access by IP address
Add your own logo
Online Store
Stores 1 1 10 unlimited
Orders unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Products 100 3000 5000 unlimited
Revenue unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Transaction processing 0 0 0 0
Sets and bundles
Variable prices
Discount templates
Discount builder
Cumulative discounts
Automation rules
Payment processing
Shipping costs calculator
Stock management
Inventory management (documents)
External marketplaces
Custom account URL (own domain name)
Backup restore
Disable OTP for admin
Move Bitrix24 account to another zone

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