Our self-hosting solutions offer the same flexibility, speed and reliability that you'd get with the Cloud, with the added ability of fine tuning security and having full control of your data. Depending on the Pozitiva Works package you choose, self-hosting also has a range of additional benefits such as being able to fully customise your systems and website to your needs. 


Access all the information you need anywhere, anytime from one central point. Your teams can work collaboratively in real time, accessing anything from documents to project updates remotely.

i.t support

Our specialist I.T. team will guide and support you when it comes to going self-hosted, giving you peace of mind if any issues were to occur later down the line.


Self-hosting services offer additional security, so if you have any sensitive data or want to ensure you're completely on top of GDPR guidelines, self-hosting could be for you. 


Our self-hosting packages allow complete freedom when it comes to the software you use, with the option to fully customise everything to your business needs. 

everything, in one place.

For our self-hosting services we partner with Bitrix24, an award-winning collaboration software containing all the tools you need for management, communication and collaboration, helping businesses across the world improve efficiencies and productivity.

Whether you’re wanting to upgrade your customer services, CRM, marketing or sales, unified and remote working is a breeze with Bitrix24, improving business efficiencies and productivity throughout the whole company.

We are licensed Bitrix24 Partners, offering un-rivalled support, knowledge and training in the initial set-up, as well as on-going use of the software. 


FROM £1,150
+ £500 set-up fee (optional)

  • Perfect for smaller businesses with limited users.
  • Fully Customisable
  • 12 Users
  • CRM, Communications, Project Management
  • & Much More. 

FROM £2,300
+ £500 set-up fee (optional)

  • Ideal for small to mid sized businesses with 20+ employees.
  • Fully Customisable
  • Up to 5,000 Users
  • CRM, Communications, Project Management
  • & Much More. 

FROM £46,100
+ £500 set-up fee (optional)

  • The go-to for larger businesses with multiple requirements.
  • Fully Customisable
  • Unlimited Users
  • CRM, Communications, Project Management
  • & Much More. 
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